Exotic Holidays Dream

Last night, over teh tarik at a mamak stall, my friends and I had a chat about our recent holidays abroad. Some recalled their “sleazy” trips to Bangkok, Thailand while others told their stories of Bali and Japan. My friends and I are avid travellers and the only thing that is holding us back is money. Yesterday, we decided to take a trip together to a place farther than ASEAN, to an exotic place that not many people have gone to. Mongolia topped our list but we are a bit hesitant as we do not know how Mongolians are going to treat Malaysians. One suggested that we should look for cheap holidays to Turkey especially since Turkey emphasizes on their culture as the foundation of their Republic. Turkey sounds exotic if you ask me.

I retired home from the mamak session and started to read more about Turkey. No wonder Turkey felt like an exotic place to visit; they border Europe and Asia, making them a transcontinental country; they have 8 neighbours and therefore, not surprisingly, adopt lots of cultures; they have a long list of histories in their soil. Check out some of the photos that you can find on the Internet and you will be amazed how Turkey have both Asian and European architectures in their buildings.

Holidaying in Turkey is not going to be cheap but I would really love to get there.  Time to bring out my piggy bank. 🙂

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