Every Little Savings Counts

America is sneezing and the rest of Asia catches a cold. We are now all aware of the subprime crisis hitting America, bringing the world’s top economy to a slowdown. This “recession” is going to affect the rest of the world and people are now starting to tighten their belts. The soaring prices of goods is unwelcomed as it is fueled by the meteoric rise of crude oil prices.

Malaysia could learn a thing or two from America about their coupons savings. Until today, coupons in Malaysia has not truly got on except in rare cases where the coupon is exchanged for free gifts or rather valuable free gifts. We simply rely on sales to do some bargain hunting. Just think about it, how many times does Jaya Jusco conduct sales in the past 12 months? Plenty, right? So, does many other merchants or shopping complexes.

What I dislike about sales is that I tend to spend more than what I originally intended. Coupons on the other hand, provide the necessary deals and promotions for specific items. So, if you are set out to say, purchase books or magazines, coupons from Best Deal Magazines gives you the discounts and deals. Likewise, if you are set to purchase some home items, HomeDepot coupons will come in handy.

In the coming gloomy days, we will need to be more prudent in our spendings and coupons are one way to help us curb unnecessary purchases.

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