Dusk in Malaysia

Chance has it that I was invited for dinner at a Rebecca’s house one day. As I parked my car outside her gates and got down from the car, ever ready to devour food, I heard loud rumbling sounds. At first, I thought it was my tummy but as it turns out, the rumble came from the sky; threatening to let go of its forceful liquids.

It was dusk by the time I reach Rebecca’s and I looked up at the sky towards the rumbling direction. The sky was dark and had an eerie dark-bluish clouds looming above. With the sun setting in it’s orangy galore, it was simply picture perfect. Thankfully, my camera was with me and I got to work immediately.

Unfortunately, I do not have a tripod with me and therefore, had to tuck in my elbows, stopped breathing and captured the moment below. This is my Malaysia.

Dusk in Malaysia
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