Criterias to Join AzoogleAds Publisher Program

AzoogleAds LogoI participate a lot in many [tag]webmaster[/tag] forums on the Internet and I’ve noticed that [tag]AzoogleAds[/tag] is getting more and more attention from webmasters. I’ll check out later the hype about AzoogleAds and make a separate post about this program.

Another thing that I realise is that webmasters who intend to join this program simply could not locate the [tag]criterias[/tag] to joining the publisher program. When I checked the site, indeed it was difficult to locate the conditions of acceptance. More often than not, other affiliate programs will post their criterias prominently in the FAQ section.

Anyway, I have summarised the basic criterias in the section below.

Your Website:

  1. Must contain legitimate contents. Directories are out of the question.
  2. Must be written in English and only English
  3. Domain name must be a 2nd level domain. Subfolders are not allowed.
  4. Must not be part of community-based website personal entry or personal page. Most likely this is talking about pages or sites in Friendster or MySpace.
  5. May not incentivize visitors to click on ads. Awarding cash, points, prizes or having a contest are considered incentives.
  6. Must be fully developed.
  7. No popups or pop-unders

Further to the criterias above, the content of your website must not promote, advocate or facilitate:

  1. Racial, ethnic, political or hate, violence or profanity, pornographic or obscene, illegal substance or activities
  2. Illegal money-making, software piracy, hacking, spamming, phishing, gambling
  3. Defamation, abuse, libelous, impersonating a person or entity, discrimination
  4. Materials displaying telephone numbers, street addresses, last names, URLs or e-mail addresses of any third person
  5. Materials that are harmful to children
  6. Promoting terrorism or sedition

Do visit AzoogleAds’ Agreement in order to obtain the latest updated criterias.

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