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OperaMini Amos WongThe proliferation of mobile and [tag]cellular phones[/tag] have really extended the [tag]Internet[/tag] to our hands. With so many phones (smartphones or otherwise) having the functionality to surf the Internet, we have got to be ready to serve our visitors through their little screens.

I do agree with some skeptics that the mass has not caught on to the mobile Internet fad but we can never be too late to get ready earlier. 5 years ago, no one thought that one could surf the Net from sidewalks or parks. Today, this has proven to be a common phenomenon through WiMax, WiFi, GPRS, EDGE and also 3G. The said [tag]wireless technologies[/tag] allows anyone to access the Internet through a multitude of devices such as PDAs, laptops, desktops and also mobile phones.

Therefore, we cannot discount the fact that 5 years down the road, users will continue this mobility trend to access the Internet through their mobile phones. To get prepared, we should constantly check our site to ensure that it is viewable in the mobile phone screen format.

Assuming that you do not have an Internet-ready mobile, you can access to an online [tag]mobile simulator[/tag] to simulate your site on a mobile courtesy of a demonstration tool by Opera. You can access the tool called [tag]OperaMini[/tag] by clicking here. The result of Amos’ blog is shown in the inset.

Don’t you just love free tools?

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