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Checking domain names that are still available can be a daunting task for any webmaster especially for those much sought after .com extensions. iWebTool has developed an AJAX tool that I find to be very simple to use and easier on my blood pressure. This tool is used to search the availability of domain names entered into the search text area in real time. Upon keying in the intended domain name, iWebTool will display the availability along with keywords suggestions.

Domain Checkup

A quick summary about iWebTool’s Instant Domain Check tool: This easy tool will allow you to check the availability of domains instantly. There is no page load, you simply type your domain and the system will automatically query your input.

The real value when using this tool is first and foremost, the keyword suggestion feature that would help us to me more creative in choosing domain names. Secondly is the time saved in checking the availability of domain names. Countless time has been spent to key in specific domain names and submitting the same for checks. With iWebTool’s instant checker, we get it in real time as we type in the domain names, alphabet by alphabet.

Having said that, I would like to point out 2 main drawbacks that I’ve noticed when using this tool:

  1. There are only 4 types of extension (com, net, info and that can be selected for checking
  2. The tool is only able to check only 2 extensions at any one time.

A user-friendly and idiot-proof domain name checker, the iWebTool’s Instant Domain Check tool can be accessed here:

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