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Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur

If you ever landed yourself in [tag]Malaysia[/tag]’s capital city of [tag]Kuala Lumpur[/tag] and you are looking for a relaxing [tag]watering hole[/tag], may I boldly recommend you [tag]Luna bar[/tag]. [tag]Luna[/tag] is located on the rooftop (34th floor) of the [tag]Pacific Regency Hotel Apartment[/tag], right next to KL Tower. The bar has a lower deck sitting area and an upper deck seatings. Night views from the upper deck is amazing. You get to view [tag]KL Tower[/tag] and the [tag]Petronas Twin Towers[/tag] in all their majesty.

Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

This is the view of Luna’s bar on the lower deck. The hotel’s swimming pool is located right smack in the middle with seatings all around the sides. 2 sides of the bar is equipped with futon beds that allows you to lie down and enjoy the view through large transparent windows.

Luna Bar Kuala Lumpur

This is a view from the upper deck of Luna. Seating area on the upper deck is very limited and there are only about 5 bar stools available. The upper deck is opened to patrons after 10pm (reasons unknown).
If you want a premium seating in Luna, make sure you place a call to them and book your seats. Contact detail follows:

Pacific Regency Hotel Apartments
Menara PanGlobal
Jalan Punchak
Off Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603-2332 7777
Fax: +603-2381 2085

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Kuala Lumpur to Singapore by Luxury Bus

Luxury BusI’m leaving for Singapore to take a very short break (1 night’s stay). Buses seems to be the cheapest mode of transporting myself over the straits into Singapore and back.

There are several bus companies that provide transportation between the 2 countries but here, I’ve listed only 2; Nice and Aeroline. These 2 companies seem to specialize in the KUL-SIN sector. Both companies provides 2 types of luxury bus. The first is a double-decker bus and the other a single deck bus. Both types of bus carries approximately 28 passengers which means that you can be assured of spacious and comfortable seats.

If you are in Kuala Lumpur, you can opt to purchase a to and fro ticket which works out to be cheaper compared to purchasing a return ticket from Singapore. The cost of the ticket is RM80 (US$21.65) per passenger per trip. For more information:

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Free Internet WiFi at KL Sentral Station

Free StuffsInternet access today has become a desired service wherever one goes. For businessmen, a communication tool; for webmasters, a link to his/her sites; for students, to lepak (hangout) at forums and online games. Whatever the use may be, Internet access has now became a part of us.

I do travel quite a bit around the country and I have also found bits of places that has free Internet WiFi (not sure if they are actual free offerings or unsecured WiFi). I will try to write about free WiFi for places that I know and experience before. I have a perpectual TMNet hotspot account which I use around the country.

To start things off, I was at KL Sentral today and wanted to check on some of my sites. After the normal booting up, I noticed that my WiFi was automatically connected. It was connected to an access point called “PTPL KLSENTRAL AP02“. If you locate yourself near to the check-in counters for MAS flights, you will be able to achieve 40% to 60% signal strength (Intel Centrino laptop). I tried using my Cisco Aironet 352 WiFi PCMCIA card and could only achieve a 20% signal strength.
Enjoy! 🙂


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