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Wishing On A French Maid

Sexy French MaidFor 5 days in a week we slog away at work and many of you will be jubilated on Fridays, knowing that weekend is coming by; but not me. For you, weekends represents siesta, breaking away from work stress and short vacations. For me, it represents the dreaded cleaning time!

For most weeks, my weekends are allocated for household chores. Sweeping the floor, followed by vacuuming the entire home and finally mopping the floor – twice; once with liquid detergent and the other with water. Are we done with household chores? Oh no. That’s just the beginning. Let’s move on to complete washing the balcony, the week-long used water closets, bath and shower area.

Can I take a rest now? Nope. There’s wiping the cabinets at home; TV cabinet, book shelves, kitchen cabinets and the ornament cabinets. Rinse the cloth and let’s continue to wipe the television, the radio, the kids’ toys.

Phew! That’s half a days work. Let’s take a breather, have a drink, take lunch before finishing up for the day. The final pieces of chores are changing the bed sheets but before that, I would have to take the mattresses out for a good sunning. That kills all the creepy crawlies and sanitise the bed.

Now that you have read up to this section, you must know why I dread weekends. How I wish I can have lots of money (by the truckloads) so that I can hire a French maid to take care of my home. Domestic help will be a very welcomed relief for me. 😉


Tax Season is Here

This is the season of income tax filing in Malaysia.  I just completed my tax returns calculation and cannot help but rant about the minuscule RM1,000 tax relief for each child.  That amount is probably just enough to cover to diaper expenses. Sigh.


Home Office Project – A Quick Update

Oh boy! Since I decided to start building a home office, I did not realise that I had plenty of furnitures and fittings to move around the house in order to make way for a proper office setup.  Everything is a mess right now  — I would gladly pay an interior designer to do up my home decor and home office to relieve me of all the mental anguish.

Red Sofa Bed

First, it was the sofa bed in the guest room. I have no idea where I should chuck this piece of furniture.  Next are 2 huge bookshelf that probably have books dating back to 20 years ago.  I guess the bookshelves can stay to make my home office look more like an office. 😉

All the curtains would have to go and I’ll probably repaint the room colour from the current green to white.  Enough of planning and day dreaming.  First, to dispose off the sofa bed.


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