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Dusk in Malaysia

Chance has it that I was invited for dinner at a Rebecca’s house one day. As I parked my car outside her gates and got down from the car, ever ready to devour food, I heard loud rumbling sounds. At first, I thought it was my tummy but as it turns out, the rumble came from the sky; threatening to let go of its forceful liquids.

It was dusk by the time I reach Rebecca’s and I looked up at the sky towards the rumbling direction. The sky was dark and had an eerie dark-bluish clouds looming above. With the sun setting in it’s orangy galore, it was simply picture perfect. Thankfully, my camera was with me and I got to work immediately.

Unfortunately, I do not have a tripod with me and therefore, had to tuck in my elbows, stopped breathing and captured the moment below. This is my Malaysia.

Dusk in Malaysia


Black and White Photography: Penang Bicycle

As I was getting ready to pull out of the Penang roadside parking, an aged old man got off his bicycle and made it lean against the white walls of a colonial building right next to my car.
With deliberate movement of his muscle, he bends to lock his bicycle wheels to deter thieves from taking away his only probable mode of transportation. After putting on the chains and double checking the padlock, the old man takes a good look at me; as if to determine if I could be a potential bicycle thief.

Satisfied that I am no threat to his precious bicycle, he walks slowly into one of the many little shops along the road. When the old man is out of sight, I took out my camera and took a single photograph of his bicycle in black and white.

Black And White Bicycle

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Red Hot Chilli but Without Peppers

I am so totally into photography now that the Canon IXUS 800IS is in my hands. Yesterday, my wife and I did a little grocery shopping at Tesco Mutiara Damansara and these big pile of red chillis caught my eyes. I knew I had to photograph this – the Tesco staff looked puzzled amused watching me whip out my digital compact camera and snapping away.  I swore I had to get a DSLR one day. hehehe

Red Hot Chilli

The photograph (no photoshop or whatsoever) above, you can actually see how glossy these chillis are. According to the elders, the glossy effect is caused by insecticides sprayed on the chillis.  Nevertheless, it does add a very nice effect for this photo shot.

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