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The Love for Mustangs

Ford Mustang LogoAs a continuation of my earlier post about Hollywoods Cars and Mustangs, I have performed some search on the Internet with regards to the love of Mustangs. As we may all know by now that online forums are the best place to search for a community that have similar interests.

My first stop was at Mustang Forums where there exist a thriving community of over 46,000 Mustang lovers, congregating and raving about nothing except Mustangs. At this forum, one can expect discussions on Mustang maintenance, technical assistance for auto repairs, various how to’s and Mustang performances. Check out some cool video clips located at the Mustang Videos section.

While I enjoyed reading some of the discussions on the Mustangs, I was curious about the history of the car. I did a quick search in the same forum and presto, I found a great resource on the Mustang timeline. Just a quick outline; Mustangs first entered the streets in 1964 and apparently was a huge success. Throughout the years, various models of Mustangs were rolled out to satisfy the hunger of Mustang enthusiasts right up to the 5.4 litre 2007 concept car.

We all know that the great Mustangs are manufactured by Ford Corporation. If you are a Ford car enthusiast, you should check out Ford Forum.

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Mustang Cars and Hollywood

Mustang LogoI have just finished watching a comedy movie entitled Starsky & Hutch (2004 movie) which featured a 1978 Mustang. It suddenly dawned upon me how Hollywood loved Mustangs in their movies. You have these cars featured in movies such as 2 Fast 2 Furious, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Bad Boys II and Charlie’s Angels just to name a few. The list of movies featuring Mustang cars is amazingly long.

So why this obsession about Mustang cars by Hollywood?
Are Mustangs considered a national symbol in the US much like their Harley Davidson motorcycles?
Would Mustangs featured in Hollywood movies make the movie more appealing?

Share with me what you think.
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Tires Changed From Silverstone to Goodyear

Goodyear Ducaro GA Tires2 weeks ago, I decided to change all the tires to my utility vehicle (the original wheels came with Silverstone’s Powerblitz series). This is my 2nd tires change and I opted for Goodyear’s Duraco GA series. I have always been a fan of Goodyear’s tires since the days of my sedan. On my sedan, I used to have Goodyear’s Eagle GA Plus but unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, Goodyear stopped production of these magnificant tires.

Pricewise, the Silverstone tires are relatively cheaper than those of Goodyear’s but after using the Ducaro GA, I have had no regrets paying the extra dollars. Here are the comparisons between the 2 brands (yours truly’s personal experience).

The comparisons:

  1. Noise Level – the Ducaro GA is far more quieter compared to the Powerblitz
  2. Road Grip – Somehow, I felt that the Ducaro GA has a better grip compared to the PowerBlitz as I was able to take corners at higher speed
  3. Softness – I don’t know how to describe this attribute but I used softness. When going over potholes, the PowerBlitz has a hard crash-type of feeling whereas the impact of running over a pothole on the Duraco GA is much lesser. The Ducaro GA seems to soften the impact which makes driving more enjoyable.
  4. Price – The Goodyear is retailed at a higher price :(

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