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Alive Directory Indeed

Alive Web DirectoryIt’s nice to see how a directory such as Alive Web Directory is seeded, nurtured and left matured by Chris. In the past, I have wrote about the enormous effort it takes for a directory owner to create a branding. Chris has surpassed that level with his directory. Today, Alive Directory is recognised as an authoritative site by Google. That itself speaks of the kind of commitment that Chris puts into building Alive Directory.

I have had the opportunity to watch this directory from its inception on the Internet close to 2 years ago and am amazed at how aggressive the marketing of this directory has been. Chris has amassed over 13,000 backlinks (on Google) and 630,000 backlinks (on Yahoo) for Alive Directory.

If you are a site owner, this is one directory that you would not want to miss out for inclusion.  If you are a budding directory owner, this is what you want to emulate. Way to go, Chris.


August 2007 Namecheap Code

Dear Webmasters,

A new month has come and a new code is hence give. August 2007′s Namecheap code is NEWSWORTHY. As usual, this code knocks off $0.89 from the normal $8.88 domain registration. I’ve tested this code and it works.

Well, surprise.. surprise.. I’ve got another code for you this month. This code will knock off $0.93 off new domain registrations instead of the above $0.89. It’s INTERFACE. According to Namecheap, this code is a customer incentive promotion where the coupon is to be offered by Namecheap’s client to their clients. I’m not sure how long this code will last but I sure hope it will last forever. ;)

Both these codes do not reduce the fees for domain renewals. If you have a large quantity of domains registered on Namecheap, send them a request for a special renewal code and Namecheap might just oblige. Lots of savings there.. :)

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Namecheap Coupon for July 2007

If you are looking for August’s code, it is in this post.

Namecheap's LogoStaying true to it’s monthly domain name coupon giveaway, Namecheap’s June code “JUNEBUGZ” has stopped working. For you webmasters, here’s the code for July 2007. BOTTLEROCKET is the magic word to save $0.90 on new domain registrations. This code should cover .com .net and .org but not .info.

As usual, renewals will not work with this code. Namecheap provides a special code for owners of 50 or more domain names with them. All you need to do is request from them. There is another temporary code that you can use with Namecheap for renewal discounts. The code is NICEDEAL. Apparently, this code lasts until 1st of July. I’ve not used this code before but if you do use it, please leave a comment if it worked or otherwise.

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