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Finis SwiMP3I was scouring on the Internet, looking for information to some of the best MP3 players. I intend to get one which plays MP3 as well as FM radio. On top of that, I needed some 1-2GB of storage space (both for music and data).

While I was browsing around, I bumped into Finis’ SwiMP3 product. Built for the swimmer or snorkeller, you will be able to observe that the player is located at the back of your head instead of dangling at your waist. There is no earplugs or earphones as the sound is conducted from your cheekbone and directed to your inner ear.

With this fully waterproofed MP3 player, you can now enjoy your music while swimming, snorkelling and practically any other water activities involving water (may not be a good idea for scuba divers). The SwiMP3 is compatible with Windows and Macs. You will need 32MB hard drive space on your computer and an available USB port.

The SwiMP3 is priced at RM720 (US$199.99) and is available from Finis Inc.

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Sony Walkman Core NW-A608

Sony Network Walkman Core A608Just have a look at the inset photo of the Sony Walkman Core. You see a small, beautiful but yet powerful MP3 player with built-in FM Tuner. When I first saw this Sony MP3 player, I see a sleek and powerful MP3 player loaded with features. In itself, the A608 looks fun with a slim body that can be easily be worn on a neckstrap or slipped into a pocket.

The coolest part of the MP3 player to me is its Organic Electro Luminescent (OEL) display. When the player is not in use, the body is a plain smooth run of the colour (unlike the horrid normal LCD screens). When you switch it on, words (song title, FM frequency, menu, etc) are brilliantly lit from within.

Transferring of music from your desktop computer or laptop is done through a USB 2.0 connection with the included USB cable. As this is a USB 2.0 connection, the data transfer is expected to be fast and convenient. This method of transferring is a slight product drawback as owners need to carry along an extra cable.
Sony Network Walkman Core PC USB Transfer

Sony Walkman Core A608 features and specifications:

  • 2GB storage space (stores up to 1,350 songs)
  • OEL Display (3 lines)
  • FM tuner
  • 50 hours playback with the built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • Super High Speed Charge (3 minutes charge for a 3 hours play)
  • 84.9mm (w) x 28.8mm (h) x 13.9mm (d)
  • 37g
  • Available in Violet and Silver colours

Priced at RM799 (US$217), this beauty will give Apple’s iPod Nano 2GB which is priced at RM939 (US$255) a run for its money. The obvious difference between this two models are: A608 has FM Tuner and iPod Nano has a colour screen.

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