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Maid versus Security Cameras

Security CameraI am sure you have read all the horror stories in our local newspapers about maids when they are left alone in their employers’ homes. The most memorable story that I’ve read is a case where the maid boiled soup together with her underpants (believing that whoever drink it will be submissive to the maid). This was captured on the employer’s security camera attached in the kitchen and the employer discovered the act before any of his family members drank the “soup”.

Now that you see the benefit of having security cameras in your homes, do the necessary to protect you and your family from potential maid perils. Note that you will need more than just cameras wired around your home; you will need security cameras systems too (recording and web based features would be most useful).

By having a basic surveillance system in your home, your maid will be more wary of her environment and the things that they do. Safeguard yourself and your family from untoward episodes that has happened to many families in Malaysia.

If you want to know more about the technical details of surveillance cameras, the National Institute of Justice has a very good resource here.

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Parenting Magazines

Parenting MagazineAs a young parent, I often rely on my mother for [tag]parenting[/tag] advise when it comes to dealing with my little ones. Call me lazy or call me inexperienced but my mother’s advise always seem to be the correct ones. After all, she did bring me up well and has umpteen years of experience with children.

But alas, my mother does not stay with me. Her knowledge and experience can only be tapped if she’s at home answering my calls. I tried offering/bribing her a mobile phone but she refused to be chained to technology. My wife and I finally thought that it’s best for us to stand on our own two feet when it comes to our children’s upbringing.

We thought long and we thought hard. Where are we to solicit uptodate information about parenting? Where can we read and learn about parenting skills and “best practices” for a child’s [tag]upbringing[/tag]? If we want to buy expensive children items (e.g. car seats), where can we get expert reviews? Trust me when I say that many questions popped in our heads and we have no answers.

We decided to hop over to Borders in search of some parenting books. As we entered through the entrance, a section on magazines caught my eyes (all guys are suckers for gadget and auto magazines :mrgreen:). Along with [tag]magazines[/tag] that interest me were [tag]parenting magazines[/tag]. I took one copy and skimmed through the contents and immediate knew that the questions I asked before had been answered.

Magazines with parenting emphasis provide focus on bringing up children, the best products, experts reviews, latest happenings revolving around children’s growth, best methods for children intelligence and much much more. Children’s health and general disease prevention are also discussed and explained (very valuable content).

I am now a proud subscriber of parenting magazines such as Young Parents and Parenthood. These magazines and their back copies are worth more than what I paid them for.


Choosing Baby Names

Baby EleneOne of my buddies was recently blessed with his third child (a daughter). It is the law of this country to register the birth of your child within 14 days otherwise, a fine will applicable to the parent or guardian.

Though my buddy wanted to quickly register his child, he and his wife could not decide on a name for their newborn. The husband wanted an easy to remember name while the wife wanted unique baby names.

We tried a number of ways to match their newborn with the siblings but the mother was a little bit “stubborn”. Just then, the wife exclaimed “Wouldn’t it be great if there were baby names database online which we can do a search?” I suddenly remembered of a fairly new website that has a comprehensive list of [tag]baby names[/tag] as well as baby names meaning.

Using, we were able to sift through a number of names (learning of meaning and also the baby names origin) and finally compromised on an easy to remember name and yet unique.

Hello Elene, welcome to your world.


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