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Vacation During School Holidays

School holidays is just around the corner and my kid have been bugging me to bring him on a vacation. I was thinking more of Australia and the Gold Coast in particular because of the more activities that will wear my kid down. Furthermore, I anticipate that there will be no problem with Gold Coast accommodation as it is found in abundance (compared to when we holidayed in the Grampian).

I suppose Gold Coast is bustling with activities for tourist ranging from beaches, surfing (on waves, not Internet) to extreme sports of jet boats. Not forgotten are activities for kids at theme parks such as Sea World, Water World, Movie World, Dreamland and not forgetting the many parks available to exhaust the kid. For the adults, we can go for less adrenalin-pumping activities such as visiting wineries, play a little golf and enjoy some scenic flights on the helicopter.

Unfortunately, after all that planning and thinking and checking and double-checking, Gold Coast didn’t go down well with my kid as he wants to go to England to visit his friends. Boy, kids nowadays. This is one tough nut to crack. I tried to reason out that time and cost is not favouring us compared to having a vacation somewhere near Malaysia. Didn’t work. I think I’m going to compromise with him by holidaying locally. Malaysia in fact has loads to offer especially in smaller towns and farther destinations. I’m thinking of Kuching; a nice idyllic city in East Malaysia.


Happy Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter at the JettyThis Sunday (13th May) marks the day where the whole world celebrates Mothers’ Day. Many of you will be scratching your head, thinking which gift bests present to your mummy. Would those present mimic those you gave last year? Is it going to be a bouquet of flowers? Or will it be a box of chocolates? A present with a Happy Mother’s Day greeting card, maybe?

If the above is going to hit you squarely, I’m in the same boat as you are. Even though Mother’s Day is just once a year, thinking of an appropriate gift for dear mummy who sacrificed much bringing us up is very very challenging. Maybe I’ll do something unorthodox this year. Maybe I’ll buy her a Mercedes Benz or maybe I’ll buy a nation and make her Queen and ultimate Ruler. Or maybe I’ll demonstrate my artistic side by writing mummy a poem and draw her a portrait.

But no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, no matter how expensive the gifts are, nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to mummy’s sacrifices, dedication, commitment and love that she has been given me. So strong is mummy’s love for me; that even though I have aged and a family of my own, I’ll always be her little baby.

Mummy, I love you and I treasure you. Happy Mother’s Day!! :)


Home Improvement – Home Office Project

My kids are wearing me down; screaming, shouting and getting on everybody’s nerves. I think it’s their way of seeking attention. When I start working on my computer, my kids will crowd around me and demand to play with the mouse, play online games or simply request to sit on my lap. More often than not, they will conquer my desktop within 3 minutes and so, daddy’s got no access to the computer, Internet or work.

Now, I work a lot at home. I’m practically on my computer 18 hours a day for my day job as well as for my hobby in webmastering. I need to have my own space where kids cannot get access to me. Therefore, I’ve decided to build me a home office. I’ll convert one of my guest rooms to be my office. It’s a grand plan and I believe it’s going to cost me some money but it’s all worth it. The below below inspires my idea of a home office.

Home Office

For the room, I’m contemplating whether to install air-conditioning or one of those Matthews Gerbar ceiling fans for ventilation.  I will have timber floors since walking on them are very comfortable (try them if you have not).  I will reuse my tables and chair while my equipment is all ready.  I’ve got my desktop CPU with flat panel LCD screen, the wireless keyboard and mouse from DELL, UPS from Merlin Gerin and my speakers from Altec Lansing.

I hope to complete my home office project within a month and hopefully I can share a picture of the setup like the one above. :D


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