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I just got an email from a so-called friend who introduced to me a site called Buena Viva Exeter.  To be absolutely honest with you, I read and re-read the site and I still have no idea how points can be translated into a holiday.  Correct me if I am wrong but buying points that last 40 years is like a prepaid program; i.e. money upfront.  Coming to think of it, hey! It’s not a bad idea after all.  You know, paying once and have holidays for the next 40 years!!

Speaking of holidays, we as Malaysian got to be thankful to Tony Fernandes for Air Asia.  Our Malaysian budget airline have really took to the skies and many of us can now fly cheaply around the region; sometimes even for free.  Folks like me have even booked several trips overseas in a single year.  In the past, I have limited myself to one vacation per year.  This year alone I have had 2 vacations and the last one is just on the horizon; BANGKOK!

Through Air Asia, I have booked for a Bangkok holiday this December.  I’ve never been to Bangkok but I hear that December is a nice time to enjoy its cool air.  I hear that Bangkok is quite polluted, hence I would be sucking in the cool Bangkok-ian air.  I’m planning to visit the floating market, the grand palace and Ayutthaya (once the great capital of Siam).

Have you been to Bangkok?  If you have, could you please recommend me must-visit places?  Muchos gracias. 🙂

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  1. leslie said,

    November 6, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

    Your can read more in my blog It has all the most exciting place to visit in Bangkok. Minus the gals. Sorry.

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