Baby Diaper Rash Remedy

Baby Recently, I noticed that my month old child has developed red spots and red rashes around his thighs, groin and waist especially around the edges of the diapers. Very much like red blotches and bumps. My wife and I thought that the rash was due to the weather but we noticed that the other parts of the baby’s body was fine. We then concluded that the rash was caused by diapers.

Diaper rash is one of the most common conditions of rashes among infants and babies. It is caused by the moist condition, urine and faeces which irritates the skin. Armed with this knowledge, we went to consult some of our more experienced friends, their mothers and their mothers’ mothers.

Drapolene CreamWe received a number of advice from these “experts” ranging from using nappies instead of diapers to feeding the child with pearl powder. Finally, my wife and I decided to go the “easy” way which is to buy a tube of Drapolene Cream. The reasons for us is simple. We needed something that is practical, easy to use, effective and less of a hassle. Another important reason we chose this product is due to the manufacturer; i.e. GlaxoSmithKline (we trust this brand).

After applying the Drapolene Cream twice on my baby’s affected areas, the rashes went as quickly as they came. We now apply the cream every time we change the diapers. The rashes mysteriously never came back.

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