A Tool All Big Teams Need

Trust me, if you have a large team and make a lot of concensus decision while remaining confidential on the votes, get a tool called Audience Response System.  In a large team, many participants experience peer pressure if asked to raised their hands to vote.  Call it a inferiority complex or call it peer pressure, but for you, you get the wrong/inaccurate response when team members vote by raising their hands.

Making a wrong decision can be a costly affair — but with a discrete voting system, you get frank/real answers to the questions you pose; especially when a system is affordable and well within your reach.  Another simpler way is a ballot box.  Easy to implement and very mobile but takes a bit of effort and time to conduct and compile the results.

Reality shows are known to implement these systems to encourage their viewers participations in the program; shows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is one of them.  Large training companies do adopt this to get participations from their “trainees” and a quick quiz from time to time keeps them on their toes — making the training much more productive.

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  1. Didier Moulin said,

    May 14, 2008 @ 7:05 am

    The audience response system market keeps growing.
    There are more and more models on the market, in more or less large series. The latest models are in credit card size with not weight more than few grams. These packages are ,for the most, efficient and compatible with PowerPoint. Most of the new generation of keypads are using radio technology (2.4 GHz), which operates without implementation constraint like infrared devices.

    The features vary according to use, but some are fundamental to remember:
    – Size and weight for transport
    – Ergonomic and easy to use
    – Consumption of batteries
    – Software performance for PowerPoint

    I work for PowerVote audience response system which provides the same type of product. Fully integrated in Microsoft PowerPoint and as easy to use as a wireless mouse, Its technology is becoming accessible to anybody who wants to make a PowerPoint presentation interactive. PowerVote is the smallest wireless voting keypad with a screen on the market.

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